Knights performances

Club “Ancient Warrior” could make your show unforgettable. We will gladly participate in: festivals, weddings, birthdays etc.
Our services include:

– Armor and weapons exposition (13-17 century).With detailed narrating included (Lithuanian, English, Russian or Polish languages)
– Guard of honor and escort (2-8 knights). With possible King and queen’s participation, or any other historical character of your choice.
– Costumes for photoshoot
– Theatrical performances (scenarios are discussed in advance)
– You can participate in knight tournament yourself (our instructor will help you with that)
– Fire show (7-8 fakyrs)
– Royal tournament – battle for the crown. This is unique opportunity to witness medieval fighting spirit (20-40 min; 6-8 knights amongst them king and queen)

Other services:

– Bow and arrow, knife throwing, axe throwing and javelin show ( with participants of your choice) + 2 targets.
– Knife throwing show with Champion, Lithuania’s knife throwing record holder.
– Show of riders, knights vs riders battle
– We may organize knight camp (from 6 hours to 2 days). We will teach you proper ways to wear armor as well as various sword and shield/2 handed sword fighting techniques. Test your might- feel the life of your ancestors.
– Full reconstruction of historical personas. Custom orders of armor with your sketches or patterns.
(We have exposition of armor in Lithuania’s National museum crafted by our blacksmiths)

Our team has experience as stuntmen. We have starred in (historical movies: “History Channel – Dark Ages” and “Arn: The Knight Templar” (Starring took place in Sweden) and documentary movie “Journey through Lithuania”).
















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